Dumb First World Problems: Natural or Reverse Scrolling (on a trackpad)

It’s a drop past 12:09AM here in Tucson and I’ve been grappling with an existential dilemma for the past 14 hours or so. It’s not an especially important dilemma, but it’s nice to think about something other than the COVID-19 pandemic for a while.

It’ll be no surprise to most folks that know me, but I should stipulate for the record that I am a self-confessed early adopter of technology. For the past month or so, I’ve been working nearly exclusively off of the new iPad Pro (2020) model. And for the past three weeks, I’ve been using Apple’s new Magic Keyboard for iPad. Both were released in April.

This has led me to discover a thoroughly insufferable dilemma – whether to use Apple’s natural scroll feature, which mirrors the scrolling on an iPhone or iPad. Or whether to stick with the Windows special and use inverted scrolling which was all of the range circa. 2005.

I’m not sure that this will be a very interesting post. (Most of the things I think about posting aren’t that interesting.) But I’ve actually seen relatively little in the way of advice online for sorting this out – probably because most people just pick one and move on.

Given the dearth of writing on arcane topics (suffice it to say, academia suits me), I’ve decided to do a brief series on natural v. reverse scrolling – if for no other reason than to help me settle the dilemma. And given my tech indecisions, I’ll probably also follow this up with a brief series on Apple Mail v. Microsoft Outlook; and perhaps one on using a laptop v. using an iPad as a primary work computer.

And now that I’ve written the above, the one or two people who aren’t Russian bots that read this will know and I’ll have to follow through. As of this missive, I’m at a complete loss.

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