Song of the Week: Wrapped

With the crush of finals looming, blogging may be scarce. But certainly no more so than the Pax Plena Song of the week.

Regardless I see the error of my ways.

This week’s song has made many a hot afternoon in Tucson pass with a hint of western swing. The lyrics tell a classic country tale of loss and unrequited love. Who knew country music could be so Petrarchan? You can almost hear the jukebox playing the tune at your local watering hole or in the radio of a dusty pick-up.

Then again, we would expect nothing less from the reigning king of country music George Strait.

Direct off his 2006 album “It Just Comes Natural”, our song of the week Wrapped is Strait’s 55th #1 hit on the country billboards. Please excuse the video but do enjoy! Lyrics follow after the jump.

by George Strait

I didn’t have to turn my head whenever you walked in
The only one to let these chills roll down my skin
My heart beats faster, I hear your name
I feel my confidence slippin’ away

I thought I was doin’ fine
‘Bout to get you off my mind
I see your face and then I’m
Wrapped around your pretty little finger again

It feels like ages since you laid down in my arms
I see no good reason but still I’m tangled in your charms
My God, you’re smilin’ and you catch my eye
My heart is pounding deep inside


Ain’t gonna let no man go down without a fight
‘Cause my stalls and walls look better in the bright day light
My heart beats faster, I call your name
I feel my confidence slippin’ away


Your pretty little finger
Baby, I’m wrapped around your pretty little finger
Pretty little finger

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