Song of the Week: Sleepy Tigers

The Pax Plena song of the week took a bit of a hiatus due to the onset of our law school’s Moot Court Competition. With round one in the books, and one more round to go, I’m proud that it is back with a vengance.

The Pax Plena song of the week comes to you courtesy of the Cox Cable commercial below. While watching TV this past Monday, the Cox commercial came on and it had the catchiest little background song that I had ever heard on a Cox commercial. This really doesn’t say much for Cox, but, even so, I couldn’t get the jingle out of my head.

For those of you who clicked the video above, you have to admit that the little robots dancing to the music are quite fetching. Not long after seeing the spot, I found myself errantly half-whistling the tune. Finally, the haunting became too much. This afternoon, I scoured the internet using the only lyrics I could recall (“I love you so very much” & “Wake you up”) looking for the title of the song, and a music video. The song is called Sleepy Tigers from the band/recording moniker Her Space Holiday.

The band is really no band at all. As best I can gather, all recordings are done by artist Marc Bianchi who imports a ‘folk and jam’ sound to his songs while placing an emphasis on lyrics and song writing. The focus pays off. The lyrics of Sleepy Tigers are easily the best part of the song. The track provides a clear instance where lyrics dictate music, and some how the perfect balance is struck.

The tenor of the song is largely up beat. Cox’s dancing robots would have it no other way. Neither would yours truly. Anyone in need of a new ‘happy’ song for your play list will be well served. I will not expand on lyrics that can easily say much more for themselves. But the biography discussing the musician’s underlying philosophy is a good read in narrative form. The suppressed existentialist in me is actually quite sympathetic.

Per usual, a video of the song appears below. (It’s actually a surprisingly interesting fan piece). Lyrics follow after the jump. Enjoy!

Sleepy Tigers
By Her Space Holiday

Oh I like you so very much so much in fact I gotta wake you up
It’s not that I have words to speak
I just wanna see you looking at me
In a way, that states

In an hour when the sun comes up
We’re gonna put on our shoes we’re gonna shake the dust
Open the door with your brand new key
We won’t be afraid of being sweet
to ourselves
Or anybody! anybody else!

Oh I miss you so very much so much in fact i gotta call you up
It’s not that I have news to bring
I just wanna make your telephone ring
So it shows and you know

In a week when I fly back home
We’re gonna jump in bed and be all alone
you’ll make biscuits and I’ll make tea
We’ll curl up close and then fall asleep
To the sound… of no one else, no else around

And if Ive learned anything at all
In this short life of mine,
If you hear that joy has come to town
Track it down, take a picture and tape it to your eyes

Oh I love you so very much so much in fact I’m gonna switch it up
I’m gonna take this room that I built for fun
And burn down the walls in front of everyone
So they see, you and me

Dancing in our sleepy clothes
With two big smiles and a bowl of hope
That we’ll drink down like ginger tea
The heat will help us forget everything
That you and I, that you and I have seen

And if Ive learned anything at all
In this short life of mine (it’s this)…
If you hear that joy has come to town
Track it down, take a picture and tape it to your eyes…

9 responses to “Song of the Week: Sleepy Tigers”

  1. At least it\’s not that stupid song they use for the iPhone commercials. BTW, if you haven\’t seen the lyrics to that particular tune, go give it a try and see if you can find some irony between the lyrics and Apple\’s use of the song itself. Enjoy!

  2. I\’ll have to check out the commercial and get back to you. I can only imagine the lengths to which Apple will go to make a buck.

  3. I have fallen in love with those adorable little blue eyed robots. Love the song too, it's in my head all the time! I sure would like to find a shop that has those cute little robots!!! 😀

  4. the first time i heard this song i had it stuck in my head for a week. it's so catchy! finally i had to look it up because i hadnt heard it for awhile & NEEDED to hear it – turns out there are more verses than the commercial plays . . . & here's the kicker – i am absolutely obsessed with tigers! (for about the last 30 years) GOTCHA!!! Plus i love the robot with the lampshade on his head. this is a great cheer-me-up song!!!

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