New Scholarship: "A Libertarian Framework for Indian Rights"

This site is long overdue for an update. For now, I’m pleased to share the above post about my work from the Indian Law blog Turtle Talk run by Prof. Matthew Fletcher at Michigan State University Law School.

Prof. Fletcher’s website posted a link to my SSRN profile and shared the abstract of my dissertation with the Turtle Talk community.

Many thanks to Turtle Talk! Looking forward to having new conversations with friends and colleagues about the libertarian framework for Indian rights.

2 responses to “New Scholarship: "A Libertarian Framework for Indian Rights"”

  1. I am reading your dissertation. It is very good. I am citing it in a paper I am writing right now in regards to tribal gaming in North Dakota.

  2. Hi Tim-Many thanks for your kind comment. I hope you find the manuscript interesting, if not useful. I'm actually doing a bit of writing with it myself, breaking it up for publication. If you have additional comments as you read, please feel free to pass them along. My email is . And do let me know when your article hits. I'll be keen to take a look. Sincerely,Tory

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